Editing Services

      Outsourcing is a great addition to your workflow that can help give you more time to just live your life! Maybe you want more time to cuddle your tiny humans in the evenings or maybe you need a bit more space in your schedule to take on more clients, or maybe you just don’t love editing as much as you love shooting – whatever the reason, I’m here for you! I’m a formally educated photographer and photo retoucher and I would love to work one-on-one with you to achieve your vision for your photos.

      I know it can be terrifying to trust someone with something that feels so near and dear to your heart, and that you don’t want to feel like your photos aren’t “you” anymore – rest assured, I don’t want you to feel like that either! There’s no one-size fits all method for photo editing, so we’ll work together to make sure that your images match your studio’s brand perfectly. During our initial conversations we’ll chat about your style and walk through an edit together, and you’ll receive 50% off your first order so you can test out a few photos and see if its a good fit for you! 

      Check out some sample images below as well as more details about pricing and exactly how it all works. I’m so excited that you’re here and can’t wait to work together! 




      1. Consultation

      On your first order we'll consult via email, phone, video call - whatever is easiest for you! We'll chat about your style and preferences and walk through an edit together so I can get a better idea of your workflow.

      2. Send your files + presets

      After the consultation you'll send over a LR catalog with Smart Previews for culling and Lightroom adjustments, or RAW, DNG, or .psd files for Photoshop retouching orders.

      3. Review

      You’ll be provided a link to an online gallery with a preview of the completed edits and you’ll have the opportunity to provide feedback and change any aspect of the edit at this point. If adjustments are required they will be made within 24 - 48 hours (depending on the adjustments that are needed).


      After the final edit has been approved in the gallery you will receive an invoice for the work completed.

      5. Receive your images

      Once payment is received your completed LR catalog or .psd and .jpg files will be sent via Dropbox.

      6. Send me your feedback

      I'd love to hear what you think about your edits and how the entire process worked for you, and please feel free to provide any suggestions about what would make it smoother in the future!


      10 cents per image submitted

      Lightroom Adjustments

      20 cents per image submitted
      (Turn around time of 7-10 business days)

      Applying your studio’s custom preset(s)
      Basic adjustments - brightness/contrast/white balance
      Conversion to B+W
      Noise reduction/sharpening
      Custom HSL adjustments/colour correction
      Basic spot removal

      Photoshop Retouching

      Two tiers:
      1. Basic Retouching — $5 per image - head swaps, acne removal, teeth whitening, stray hair removal
      2. Advanced Retouching — $10 per image - high frequency skin retouching, liquifying, object removal, image restoration, composite images
      (Turnaround time of 1-5 business days)

      Custom package pricing available for batch work