Intimate Backyard Wedding in Peterborough, Ontario

I had the absolute pleasure of being asked to photograph Sue and Martijn’s intimate backyard wedding ceremony at their home in Peterborough, Ontario. Sue and Martijn fell in love with an ocean between them (Martijn is from the Netherlands) and quickly began travelling back and forth to visit each other as much as possible. On their wedding day they both donned gorgeous flower crowns and Sue held the most beautiful wildflower bouquet (that Martijn had woken at sunrise to handpick for her).

The weather was warm and rainy for most of the morning but almost as soon as they had said their vows the sun peeked out from behind the clouds and was shining for the rest of the day. After their ceremony was complete Martijn read a letter to Sue as he presented her with a tree to symbolize their new beginnings together. They had had a tree in his yard overseas that was just like it and it had been a really special place for them. It was such a perfect moment, I was totally bawling behind the camera while he was reading to her.

I love intimate celebrations like this one! The images are always full of such unique and special little moments that tell such a beautiful story. Click here to see another one of my favourite backyard weddings! Thanks for reading pals, as always I LOVE hearing from you Рfeel free to get in touch!


Sue + Martijn


Intimate wedding Peterborough, Ontario Intimate Backyard Wedding, Peterborough, Ontario